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Ask for information on Agricultural project


Hasegawa Fudoki
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Dear Can Tho Promotion Agency,


My name is Hasegawa Fudoki, an investor from Japan, I am planning to invest in the agricultural sector in the city.

I am looking for information on some agricultural projects that the city is calling for investment.


Sincerely thank,

Hasegawa Fudoki

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Trần Chí Nguyện
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To: Mr. Fudoki


Currently, Can Tho city is prioritizing to call for investment in several projects in the agricultural sector as follows:

  1. Hi-tech agricultural station of Thanh Tien commune, Vinh Thanh district
  2. Developing hi-tech agricultural zones and eco-tourism of Thanh Tien commune, Vinh Thanh district

For more information about these 02 projects, please visit

If you have any questions related to the investment sector, you can contact Can Tho Promotion Agency (Tel: 02923. 831 964 / Email:


Best regards.

Investment Promotion Department - CPA