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Investment procedure


William Persson
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Dear Can Tho Promotion Agency


My name is William Persson, I am currently planning to expand production and business in Can Tho, please tell us how many days to issue the investment certificate in Can Tho city after the date of submission.


Looking forward to hearing from CPA soon


Thank you

W. Persson

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Trần Chí Nguyện
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To: Mr. Persson


CPA would like to answer your question as follows:


The time to issue an investment registration certificate is from 15 to 52 days, depending on each specific case after you prepare an application for an investment registration certificate and submit it to the Department of Planning and Investment ( for projects outside the IZ) or Cantho export processing and industrial zones authority (for projects in the IZ). The above time does not include the case under the jurisdiction of the National Assembly's decision on policy and the time of dossier rotation between agencies.


CPA would like to send you a map of the investment project registration process (attached file) for more information.


Thank you


Best regards


Investment Promotion Department - CPA